Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anna mother of the year

The Anna Jarvis House has named Anna McCloy, the wife of Sago Mine survivor Randal McCloy, "Mother of the Year."
Story by Elizabeth Schubert Email | Bio

McCloy was given a plaque at a ceremony on Saturday at the Anna Jarvis House in Taylor County. The museum's director, Olive Dadisman, says she received letters from all over the country nominating McCloy. Her husband, Randal McCloy, was also there. Dadisman says this award is fitting, because of everything the two have endured this year.

"She's very humble," says Dadisman. "And right now her main concern is her family and Randy, and continuing his progress to get better."

WBOY-TV's own April Kaull was the guest speaker. Country singer Skyla Spencer performed a song for all the miners of the Sago tragedy.

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Randal Mccloy day

McCloy Honored with Day
Posted 5/18/2006 06:00 PM

The Harrison County Commission has proclaimed this Saturday, "Randal McCloy Day."

Nutter Fort Elementary will host a car and truck show to honor the sole survivor of the Sago Mine disaster.

The McCloy family is expected to judge the competition, and as a special tribute, the trophies will be made of coal.

The car and truck show will start at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. Vehicle registrations will cost $10 and organizers say the proceeds will benefit the McCloy family.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Randys outing this weekend

Check out Randy. He will be at the Nascar Talledega races. Look for him. more updates later

Thursday, April 27, 2006

released today

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. - Trapped deep below ground by poisonous gases, the Sago miners realized at least four of their air packs did not work, and they were forced to share the devices as they desperately pounded away with a sledgehammer in hopes of getting rescuers' attention, the sole survivor says.

Finally, resigned to their fate, the men recited a "sinner's prayer," scrawled farewell notes to their loved ones, and succumbed, some as if drifting off to sleep.

"As my trapped co-workers lost consciousness one by one, the room grew still and I continued to sit and wait, unable to do much else," Randal McCloy Jr. wrote to his co-workers' families in a letter dated Wednesday and obtained by The Associated Press.

McCloy's two-page typed letter offered the most detailed account yet of what happened in the mine after the Jan. 2 explosion. The blast killed one miner and spread carbon monoxide that slowly asphyxiated 11 other men 260 feet below ground as they waited in the farthest reaches of the mine to be rescued.

The air packs — referred to in the letter as "rescuers" — are intended to give each miner about an hour's worth of oxygen while they escape or find a pocket of clean air. But at least four of the devices did not function, McCloy said.

"There were not enough rescuers to go around," McCloy said. He said he shared his air pack with miner Jerry Groves, as co-workers did with the three other men whose devices were not functioning.

In a statement, mine owner International Coal Group Inc. said that the miners' air packs, also known as self-contained self-rescue devices, or SCSRs, were tested by federal investigators.

"ICG was informed that the SCSRs found at the barricade were deployed and showed evidence of use," the mine company said. "The federal investigators did not note any defective SCSRs and all appeared to be in working order."

After the blast, the miners returned to their shuttle car in hopes of escaping along the track, but had to abandon their efforts because of bad air. They then retreated, hung a curtain to keep out the poisonous gases, and tried to signal their location by beating on the mine bolts and plates.

"We found a sledgehammer, and for a long time, we took turns pounding away," McCloy wrote. "We had to take off the rescuers in order to hammer as hard as we could. This effort caused us to breathe much harder. We never heard a responsive blast or shot from the surface."

Martin "Junior" Toler, 51, and Tom Anderson, 39, made another, last-ditch attempt to find a way out but were quickly turned back by heavy smoke and fumes, McCloy said.

"We were worried and afraid, but we began to accept our fate," he wrote. "Junior Toler led us all in the Sinners Prayer."

McCloy said the air behind the curtain grew worse, and he lay as low as possible and tried to take shallow breaths, but became lightheaded.

"Some drifted off into what appeared to be a deep sleep, and one person sitting near me collapsed and fell off his bucket, not moving. It was clear that there was nothing I could do to help him," McCloy wrote. "The last person I remember speaking to was Jackie Weaver, who reassured me that if it was our time to go, then God's will would be fulfilled."

He said he has no idea much time went by before he passed out.

Groves' family members said Thursday they were grateful to McCloy, both for revealing details of Groves' final hours and for sharing his air pack.

"If they'd both had one that would work, they might have lasted a little longer," said Groves' mother, Wanda, who suffered a stroke on Wednesday while reading McCloy's letter.

Doctors have been unable to pinpoint why McCloy, 27, was the only who survived the 41 hours it took rescuers to find the crew. He left the mine battered and comatose and spent months in the hospital. He suffered brain damage that affects his ability to hold a conversation.

"I cannot begin to express my sorrow for my lost friends and my sympathy for those they left behind," he wrote. "I cannot explain why I was spared while the others perished. I hope that my words will offer some solace to the miners' families and friends who have endured what no one should ever have to endure."

McCloy spokeswoman Aly Goodwin Gregg said Thursday that McCloy's letter was given to the families confidentially, and he would not comment further.

The Sago miners were using air packs manufactured by Monroeville, Pa.-based CSE Corp., according to the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. The packs use a chemical reaction to produce oxygen. The company's literature says the units have a 10-year shelf life and require no maintenance beyond periodic visual inspections.

The SCSR contains a small window with a blue dot; if the blue dot is not present, then the SCSR is presumed to be ineffective and is discarded.

A call to CSE was not immediately returned Thursday.

ICG said in a statement that the SCSRs worn by the Sago miners "were all within the manufacturer suggested life," that the devices are checked every 90 days by a person at the mine, and are also checked by the wearer every day.

Production at the mine resumed March 15, and it was not immediately clear if ICG miners are now relying on the same type of devices.

At least two miners who escaped the blast said they, too, struggled with their air packs. Arnett Roger Perry told state and federal investigators he could not initially activate his.

"They're not worth a damn," co-worker Harley Joe Ryan, 60, told investigators. "There's going to have to be some design changes for them."

Though state and federal investigators have reached no official conclusions about the cause of the explosion, ICG officials say they believe it was caused by a lightning bolt that ignited a buildup of naturally occurring methane.

The Bush administration is reviewing air packs and other safety equipment used in the nation's mines after previously scrapping similar initiatives started by the Clinton administration.

Groves' family wants the government to adopt more flexible rules for conducting mine rescues. Rescue teams were not allowed to enter the Sago Mine until 11 hours after the blast because inspectors would not declare it safe.

"We know we need the coal," Wanda Groves said. "We're going to have to have mines. But we want them to be safe."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Randys brithday!

Saturday was a very special day for Randy and his family. It was Randy's 27th birthday party. Before the party Randy had a special visitor. Hank Williams Jr, who had visited the family when Randy was in the hospital, returned just as he had promised. Randy and Anna didn't know about the visit and were very surprised when he walked into my uncles house. Anna kept saying I know something is going on, theres a camera crew here.

Hank gave Randy very special presents as well. First he gave them a cooler of food he had hunted himself such as elk and he got an autographed set of CDs too. But his greatest present was a guitar he had made by Gibson designed like Hanks fathers first guitar. On the guitar was a plaque which said...
To Randy and Anna & Family
A country boy has survived
Hank Williams Jr.

I got to get his autograph and had my picture taken with him!

We then proceeded to the party which was jam packed. I estimate there were about 160 people there. Randy seemed to be having a good time. He opened his presents, blew out the candles on his cake and enjoyed the music from the band. But perhaps the greatest moment was when the band played Amazed by Lonestar, the couples wedding song and Anna and Randy slow danced together. There were tears flowing everywhere.

The night finished with a champagne toast. Also heres a picture of my family with Randy and Anna and another of Hank, Randy and my uncle Rick

Friday, March 31, 2006

clearing up a few things

Hi again. Some of you may have been reading the disgraceful displays of human behavior on the AOL message boards. I would like to assure you, the people who have been kind and considerate this entire time, of a few things. Yes Anna did buy Randy a Mustang. However that does not mean that she isn't using donations to pay for things that are needed. Randy has wanted a Mustang for a long time and she just wanted to make him happy and give him something to work for. And for the issue with Randy's brother, that is their concern and I dont have the right to go into detail but they will take that road together and if its against Randy's wishes Im sure it will be dropped. Anna is not in it for the money, nor has she ever been. She didn't ask for a fund to be set up, it was initiated by stangers who wanted to give. It is difficult to watch someone get bashed for untruths so I just wanted to clear that up. It is so hard to get your point across on the AOL boards as many of you know.

Next weekend I am going to Randy's birthday party so I hope to have some pictures up soon after. If something else of interest happens I will let you know of course

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Randys going home

Hi there! I guess I can tell you now since the media has gotten wind of it. Randy is going home tomorrow morning. There will be a press conference as well as a taped interview that Matt Lauer did with the family. Both will air tomorrow morning. I felt bad about knowing and not posting it but they were trying to get Randy home without the media there at their house. So I hope everyone can check those things out. If I get links to anything I will post them tomorrow sometime. Thank you so much for your interest and I will continue to leave messages here but I can guess that the press conferences will be over for a while! Bye!

Monday, March 27, 2006

update 3/27

Hi there! Just thought I would drop a line and tell you how Randy is doing. He's doing pretty good. He can walk on his own now and is feeding himself. There will be a press conference sometime this week and Randy will be appearing on it. So make sure you check that out!

Friday, March 17, 2006

going home before we know it!

Just letting everyone know that Randy is doing fine and he will be going home in a few weeks for good. A specific date hasn't been given.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3/15 update

Hi Everyone. Soory there haven't been many updates lately. A little news to report. Randy will be going home for a few hours today. This is the first time he has been home. He will however have to return to the rehabilitation center. The doctors and family are doing everything in their power to get him back to normal. This will be my last post for a week and a half unless something major happens. I am leaving for spring break! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

march 1 continued

Just something else to add. There will be a national interview tomorrow so keep an eye out for it.


EXCLUSIVE:Transcript of Interview with Anna McCloy and Russell Biundo, M.D.
Posted 3/1/2006 05:53 PM

West Virginia Media's April Kaull's interview with the wife and doctor of the lone survivor from the Sago Mine Disaster.
Anna McCloy
Randy McCloy’s Wife

Tell me about Randal McCloy. We know he likes heavy metal music, we've seen a few photos. Talk to me about the man you know as a husband and father.

“He’s a good daddy, a good husband.”

“He’s an outdoors person. He loves to be outdoors. He’s not the kind of person who likes to sit down. He’s antsy.”

“He’s always put me and the kids before him.”

Let's talk about Randy the coal miner. How did he feel about working in the mines?

“It was just a job. It was just a job to him. It wasn’t something he liked or enjoyed.”

“Mining wasn’t for him.”

“He wasn’t really sure what yet. He’s just the type of person that. You know, he’s set goals, he’d finish that set of goals, then it would be more goals. He was never done.”

Describe that morning on January 2nd as Randy prepared to go to work at Sago.

“Randy would get up, turn the alarm off. Wash his face, brush his teeth.”

“He’d kiss the babies, tell them Daddy loves them, God loves them and see he’d see them when he got home. Then I would go to the door.”

“Kiss me and say love you bunches, God loves you too. I’ll be home later. And then he would just go out the door. And I’d wait until I could see the lights anymore.”

Fast forward to the moment you learned your husband was one of miners trapped underground. How did you gelt the news? How did you react?

“Someone come knocking at my door. When I saw his face, I knew something was wrong.”

“I went hysterical because I knew that something was wrong.”

What was it like for you as you waited for word with the other families?

“Excruciating. I’ve never been put through anything like this in my life.”

“I’ve had nightmares before about what if something happened to him.. .and I just wanted to wake up.”

We all know about the miscommunication issue... what was that like?

“That was about 11:30 when they took Randy out. I didn’t know that that was Randy until about 3 o’clock in the morning. I was not told until 3 o’clock that it was Randy.”

When did you know Randy was the miner taken out in the ambulance to the hospital?

“From the time that they announced that they was all alive to three o’clock, I believed that my husband was going to walk out of there perfectly fine.”

“THEN they say. We have one alive. Randal L. McCloy Jr. and I’m thinking What?”

“My nephew had to take me out of the church because I just froze.”

When you finally learned that Randy was the only one pulled out alive... can you explain the emotions? It must have been so hard for you... immense relief... and grief for the other families.

“Yeah, I was angry. I mean I’m happy because he’s alive, I was also upset because the others were dead. But I was angry, because they led me to believe that my husband was perfectly fine. He was coming out of there. I was going to hug him. He was going to talk to me. I wasn’t ready for this.”

Randy's been called the miracle miner... that's what doctors call Randy's recovery and rehab. What's it been like? Take us through an average day.

“It’s exactly that. It’s a miracle.”

“He was meant to be here for a purpose. There’s a purpose for this man.”

“The first thing I told him… I told him Randy I’m here and I love you.”

“It’s just amazing to carry on a conversation with him and to be able to say to him. I love you and he says I love you too.”

How is he doing physically? Emotionally?

“Well, I’m afraid that he might go through a depression and get depressed and it might slow him down in his therapy and doing as well.”

“When I see the progress every day I want to keep that going. Because the faster he does this, the faster he’s home to me and the kids and we get back to our regular normal life, which will never be normal but I still want some of that back.”

Does Randy remember any of what happened? What has he said about the explosion... and the hours waiting to be rescued?

“Um, bits and pieces I’d say.”

Does a part of you hope that he won't remember?

“Yeah, I don’t initiate it. If he starts talking, I listen. And I just keep reassuring him that he’s ok, that he’s fine.”

“I received a letter through the mail from an inspector but I never addressed it. I never even paid any attention to it. I threw it to the side, like you’re not talking to him right now and that’s going to be awhile.”

“Yea, I do, because he’s been through enough in his life to not have to deal with this too. He doesn’t need this on him right now. And I hope he does forget.”

“Ahhhh, no.”

“I’m solely focused on what’s happening in that room.”

“I don’t have newspapers around him, the news, anything. Everything is positive.”

“They contact us just to make sure I’m ok, if I need something. Just to make sure there’s something that I need or want, or can help me with.”

This is really the first time you've talked publicly... why now?

“I wanted something positive, to be able to come out and say something positive that he’s doing, progressing the way that he is. And to let everybody know that we care.”

“Every time I went outside there was tons of news people asking Anna can you talk to us.”

“So it got to the point that I hid in the church. I would even come out.”

We hear about his progress... moving, eating, talking in phrases. Why haven't we seen or heard from him yet?

“Hopefully. He can talk and answer appropriately now. But I don’t want it rushed. I want him to be able to get through this and deal with this later. It’ll come to that point but I’m not going to rush it, and I’m not going to let it be rushed.”

What have you said to your kids about all of this?

“When she’s around she hollers Dad, Dad. And I put her up and she can touch him.”

“My son’s like Daddy’s getting better.”

“Or he’ll say Booger… that’s what we call him at home… listen to your mommy. He says that stuff.”

How do see the future, now?... How have your expectations, goals changed since the explosion?

“It’s changed our lives completely. We’ll never have that normalcy again.”

What do you hope for the future of coal mining in West Virginia?

“Yea, I’m angry, that it took this to get to this where the safety is now. I’m angry. I’m relieved that they’re doing something now, but it shouldn’t have took a tragedy like this to make it that.”

How do you feel about the support you received from state leaders?

“West Virginia is a family and he’s (Governor Manchin) made me realize that through what he does. He cares, he’s not just out there for politics or votes. He’s out there because he cares, and he’s made me realize that there are still people out there who care.”

What about the rescuers and the people of West Virginia? If Randy was sitting here with you, what would he want them to know?

“Just probably basically tell them not to take live for granted. Because as he told me, he said that you never realize how precious life is until you think you will have it no longer. And that’s what he told me.

“When did he say that?”



Dr. Russell Biundo
Randy McCloy’s Doctor

How’s Randy doing?

“He’s progressed amazingly well. I think he’s shocked almost everyone who’s been involved in his care. And he continues to shock all of us. His recovery has been unparalleled. We’ve never seen anyone with that degree of brain injury recover so quickly.”

Can you give me specifics? What things are you seeing from him that are so shocking and amazing?

“First and foremost, he’s able to speak. He’s able to articulate.”

“His kidney function has improved back to normal. His respiratory status is normal. His breathing tube has been removed.”

“Is he having to relearn how to do simple things? Or is that part of memory that he’s kept?

“He has difficulty maintaining a full conversation like you and I are, but he’s moving in that direction. For example, I’ll walk into the room and I’ll say ‘hi Randy’, and he’ll say ‘hi Dr. B’.”

“He’s able to remember things from a day to day basis. That’s important because he’s starting to form memory, which he couldn’t do before.”

“This is like a new life for him. It’s like a renaissance. It’s like a resurrection basically. He’s a new person, a different person. The way he’s thinking now, the new memories he’s forming.”

“Some of the old memory. I’m not certain how much he remembers. It’s difficult to tell at this point, especially in regard to the accident and all that. We’re not clear on that.”

What about physical improvement? You said kidney function, I’m assuming the feeding tube is out and he’s eating on his own?

“He’s able to grab a French fry for example and feed himself. He just started doing that. Just.”

Has he been able to get up and walk or move around and be mobile?

“His left side function has remarkably improved. He’ll rub his head, eyes, things you normally do. His right side function is returning, especially in the last few days.”

How can you explain, CAN you explain his recovery process?

“No, I can’t explain it. I can’t explain it. We’ve been battling our heads back and forth, to figure out how this has happened, trying to look for scientific causes. I mean, I think by the grace of God. I don’t see any specific scientific reason how all of a sudden you have such terrible brain damage with no oxygen for 43 hours.”

Are there other physicians who are now looking at his case? Is he becoming a case study?

“As best as we know, there’s not been one person that’s ever survived an incident where they’ve been deprived of oxygen with severe carbon monoxide poisoning for 43 hours as was Randy’s case.”

“He has shown astonishing results. He continues to be motivated. He has a great sense of humor. He’ll smile and joke. For example he’ll call me Frankenstein.”

How long do you think he’ll be at Health South, or a rehab facility like it?

“I think he’ll be with us for at least another few months.”

Copyright 2006 West Virginia Media. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


another article...hopefully there will be more to come.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Hi everyone. Good news to report. It is expected that Randy will be able to go home sometime in March, specific date unknown. Randy's speech has greatly improved as well. My mom was on the phone with Anna and said that Randy was watching fishing and she coud hear him in the background say, "No I'm watching bass fishing." He has also asked Anna to calm the kids down and asked what kind of schedule they were on. Randy can walk while pushing a shopping cart now and they hope for that to improve even more before he goes home. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Hi there. A little more to report but its just not coming as quickly as some would like. Randy got to go outside for the first time (other than when being transported) since the accident. He was pushed in his wheelchair and when the wind hit his face i hear he smiled. They've been working with him on combing his hair as well. I was told that when he is well enough they will have a press conference and in some capacity Randy will be present. Details, I dont believe, are worked out yet. And it doesnt seem as though it will be incredibly soon but they realize that people want to see him but they dont want to do it too early. Thats all i know!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

update 2/15

Hey everyone. Another article was released it is:

Sago Mine Survivor Speaking Again

Randal McCloy's wife, Anna, elicits the best responses, a family spokesman says.

Talk About It: Post Thoughts

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (Feb. 15) - The survivor of the Sago Mine disaster is slowly learning to speak again, answering questions and learning to articulate words at a Morgantown rehabilitation hospital.

Randal L. McCloy Jr., 26, sometimes responds with a single word, but other times uses phrases to answer his family and therapists, family spokeswoman Aly Goodwin Gregg said Wednesday. Some of the communication is clear, but much is still difficult to understand.

His wife, Anna, elicits the best responses, Gregg said. McCloy seldom initiates the talking.

McCloy was part of a 13-member crew that entered International Coal Group Inc.'s Sago Mine early Jan. 2 to resume production after a holiday shutdown. An explosion trapped them deep underground, where they were exposed to deadly carbon monoxide for more than 41 hours until searchers found them.

By then, all but McCloy had died. He was carried out of the mine with kidney, lung, liver and heart damage on Jan. 4 and remained in a coma for weeks.

Doctors are still gauging the extent of brain damage McCloy may have suffered from severe oxygen deprivation.

Still, she said, his family is ecstatic with his progress. "It's wonderful to say, 'Do you want more chicken fingers?' and for him to be able to say, 'No."'

Before McCloy was transferred to the HealthSouth Mountainview Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, his doctors said those small signs of progress were what they hoped to see because they will eventually lead to larger improvements.

Gregg said McCloy's alertness and physical strength are also improving through daily therapy.

He eats with some assistance but has a feeding tube to supplement his nutritional needs. That tube may be removed within the next few weeks.

McCloy is making purposeful movement with his left arm and left side, but his right side is slower to regain strength, Gregg said.

"You can see him frustrated when he can't do it," she said. "The doctors are really pleased with his focus and concentration."

02/15/06 17:26 EST

Thursday, February 09, 2006

USA today article!

Here is the link to the USA today article:

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

another update, address

Hi there. As I promised I have another update. Randy had his trach tube taken out today! Also he has been eating 3 meals a day so he should be getting his feeding tube out soon! Haven't been given a timeline on that.

Anna has received a bunch of presents at one time and the package that I was asked about was part of it and she loved everything. She has sent out some thank you cards although she is not sure who those were to.

Next weekend the miners' families will be meeting Brad Paisley, Sara Evans and Dierks Bently at a sound check. They are very excited!

The article will be in the USA Today some time this week or next. I suppose I can release this since it is mentioned in the article. There is a note. That is all I can say at this time, even that may be too much.

Lastly there is a new address to send things to:

Randal McCloy
Health South
1160 Vanvoorhis Rd.
Morgantown, WV 26506

If you sent something recently to the old address thats fine. It will still get to the family.

updates 2/7

Hi there. Sorry its been so long since I posted anything. He is still improving so no need to worry. I heard he even arm wrestled with my uncle yesterday. There should be a new interview with Anna coming out, might even be today. My mom couldnt remember who they had an interview with. Thought it might be USAtoday. They watched the Super Bowl at one of the doctors houses and had dinner with them which I just thought was incredibly nice of him. Might have so important news tonight but again I dont like to report until things happen :) More updates then!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Update from publicist

Just received this note:

McCloy’s Condition Continues to Progress

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Randal McCloy, the sole survivor of the Sago Mine Disaster, continues to progress through rehabilitation at HealthSouth Mountainview Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, according to his family.

McCloy is still unable to speak, but has shown signs of attempting to articulate words and has demonstrated increased alertness and other neurological improvements.

Earlier this week, with the assistance of his wife Anna, McCloy ate a full breakfast. Throughout the week he increased his food intake, with assistance, up to two to three meals per day.

McCloy was transferred from WVU Hospitals to HealthSouth late last week.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

another little update

So I just talked to my mom. Not much to say about Randy, slow progression, but I did hear some news on the family. The winner of the country American Idol type show sent a cd and some other things to Anna which she was very excited about. Barbara Walters donated $5,000 to Randy's fund and they got to meet Jessica Lynch. To Susanna she has not received your gift as of yet but they are checking into it. Thats all I know as of right now.

update 2/2

Hey no real updates since Monday. Theyre still working with him on distinguishing items and physical therapy. Not much to report. He's still doing very well with those though.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

update 1/30

Today the doctors brought in flashcards. Some of the flashcards had numbers on them. When the dr held up a number card Randy was able to hold up that many fingers. He apparently did very well with them. He did physical therapy again and that will continue for the foreseeable future. We are expecting for him to wake up dramatically in the next fews days due to some medicine he is being given. More reports soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pic from Hank Williams visit

The man behind Hank Williams is my uncle, the woman in the WV shirt is my aunt and the two kids next to Hank are my cousins. Of course Anna and the kids are there and Randys and Annas parents and Randys brothers.

Back from WV

Hi there! I am back from West Virgina...and am very tired. I got to see Randy Friday and Saturday and he was awake quite a bit of that time. He looks very good! He's doing a lot of purposeful movements like he will scratch his head, laugh and if he doesn't like the food he's eating he will spit it out! He was able to drink Pepsi out of a bottle that Anna was giving him too. The governor and his wife came by to visit today. They visit rather frequently.

I got to hear the song that was written by a local group about the mines. Its an excellent song. The group is called Southern Drawl, the title is "The Other Side" and the proceeds of their cd go to the families of the miners. I'm going to find out if the group has a website that they are selling off of.

There's a lot of family and friends around him all day long. His kids come by when they can. Theres a lot of love there!

Friday, January 27, 2006

no posts this weekend

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

answers to questions

Just to answer some questions and clear up some things for everyone....the MRI wasn't necessary or they would have done it then. They have done many and just wanted to look for any changes and the timing wasn't good. If they thought it was important enough they would have given him something to calm him down.
They havent talked to him about the mining accident as of yet. Right now all they are talking about is their children and good times...there will come a time for all of that. If he remembers and if he wants to talk about it then I'm sure everyone will know. As of right now him saying I love you is all that he's said. He can only speak with the voice machine on him right now.
My computer at home is being pretty strange so I will try to leave updates while I am at work. That is completely up to whether my kids take a nap (I teach at a daycare). I hope to have another update soon!

update 1/23

Hi Sorry about the missing post. I was having computer problems. Heres what I know. Randy hasn't required dialysis for two days now and has been upgraded to fair condition. Also the doctors wanted to do another MRI but Randy was very alert and wanted nothing to do with that. Before we know it he will be out of there!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I just heard from my uncle. Randy had some special visitors today. Two rescuers and their families came to visit. They brought a rescuers cap for him too! Also today they shrunk the size of the trach tube from an 8 to a 4 and hope to soon get rid of it completely. Hopefully Randy will only be receiving 2 more sessions of dialysis.

lack of updates

Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates but this is a slow process and some days there just isnt any news to report. Also I am a college student at Ohio state and work as well. As soon as I get information I will try to get it up here. Thank you for you interest in this story. Hope to have a report soon.

Friday, January 20, 2006

updates 1/20

Just heard from my uncle and he said that Randy had his first meal of bananas and pudding. yay for that! Also the doctors put a voice machine up to Randy's trach tube and he said I love you to Anna. More updates soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

update 1/18

The previous posting was given to me by the family and you may check my sources at Also I am happy to report that Randy as sitting up with his feet over the side of the bed today and is eating ice chips. I am hoping to have answers to some of your questions soon. I havent forgotten them.

Randal McCloy Jr. Fund

Randal McCloy Jr. Fund Established

The family of Randal McCloy Jr. wishes to announce the establishment of the Randal McCloy Jr. Fund. People from around the world have made inquiries to the family hoping to make contributions to assist and support Randy’s recovery.

The family is overwhelmed and truly touched by the kindness of so many strangers.

The Randal McCloy Jr. Fund will be facilitated by Clear Mountain Bank in Morgantown, W.Va. and contributions should be sent to the Sabraton branch office. Contributions to the fund may not be tax deductible.

To make contributions to the Randal McCloy Jr. Fund:

Randal McCloy Jr. Fund
c/o Clear Mountain Bank
1889 Earl Core Road
Morgantown, WV 26505

Randy’s wife, Anna, and the McCloy family would like to strongly encourage contributions to the Sago Mine Assistance Fund which is supported by the West Virginia Council of Churches. Contributions to the Sago Mine Assistance Fund are tax deductible and benefit all affected families of the Sago Mine Disaster.

Contributions to the Sago Mine Assistance Fund should be sent to:

West Virginia Council of Churches
Attention: Sago Mine Assistance Fund
2207 Washington Street, East
Charleston, WV 25311

The family wishes to express its gratitude to everyone who has reached out to them with letters, cards and prayers. The family remains hopeful that Randy will continue to show improvement and they are very grateful and encouraged by your support.

update 1/17

Here's what I know... Randy is doing very well at following simple commands that the dr's have been giving him. He even tried to talk today but nothing came out which apparently frustrated him. Hopefully he will be more successful tomorrow.

There will be a press conference at 10:30am tomorrow. It looks as though the information about Randy's fund will be released then. I was hoping to receive the information first but it doesnt appear as though thats going to happen.

Some people have been asking how he likes him new room. Well from what I hear it has a couch and some chairs for the family and security so it seems like it will be a lot nicer for everyone. More updates soon.

Monday, January 16, 2006

More good news!

Good news! Randy has been moved from ICU to a private room! We have been so lucky to be getting all of this good news (knock on wood). Hopefully it keeps coming!

update 1/16

Im sorry for the lack of updates. I must now wait until late to call my uncle because we are both running out of cell phone minutes. However this is what I know. It is confirmed that he has been upgraded to serious. After returning from the memorial service Anna went into Randys room and was talking to him. She said if you can understand what I am saying then give me a sign. Then he intertwined his fingers with hers. I hope to have a new report sometime after 9pm tonight. That is when I should be getting them from now on. Thank you!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

heard on the tv...

Good afternoon. I just heard on the news that Randy has been upgraded to serious condition. However my family is at the memorial service so I could not talk to them about Randy's condition. But I wanted to let all of you know. I will talk to my uncle and let all of you know

Saturday, January 14, 2006

update 1/14/06

Good evening everyone. My dad and brother are visiting the hospital again this weekend and told me that instead of Randy only having his eyes open for a few seconds at a time he is keeping them open for 3 hours at a time. He has not tried to talk however he is yawning and looking around when he is awake. My dad also said that his swelling is down from last weekend and looks a lot better. More tomorrow.

update 1/13/06

Hey there again. Heres what I know about Randy's condition today. For 15 seconds he followed his nurse with his eyes around the room. This is a great development for the family because there were fears that when Randy was opening his eyes it was a blank stare and he wasnt conscious of what was going on in the room. Atleast this tells us that that is not the case. Hopefully by tomorrow he will be opening his eyes even more and continue to show these signs of improvement.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

update 1/12/06

Hello again. I wanted to let everyone know how Randy is doing. I have just received an update a few minutes ago. He is much more alert today and responding to his doctors, even getting red in the face. He is opening his eyes more and more everyday. Hopefully tomorrow we will see even more improvement. Thanks all I know for now. I'll have more tomorrow!

Hank Williams Jr

Thank you for spreading the word of this website lately. I greatly appreciate it. Hank Williams Jr visited yesterday. I had known about the visit but due to possibility that the media might find out I had to keep quiet until he left the area. He stayed with the family for over an hour and talked with everyone. My uncle said he is very down to earth and talked with him about hunting. He visited with Randy as well. As soon as they reach me I will be putting pictures up from his visit. I will have another update later today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

National Enquirer article

Reports have been made that Randy's brother has taken a picture of Randy in the hospital and sold it to the National Enquirer and given an interview.

The following statements were given to me from the family:

"The statements made by Matthew Mccloy in the National Enquirer are not that of the family and were not aprroved. They will not either confirm nor deny."

I would add that people should look at the national enquirer's previous record of reporting false stories. Thanks.

update 1/11/06

Randy is doing better today and is still in that slow process of coming completely out of his coma. Hopefully by tonight he will make even more progress. The family has been getting a ton of support from everyone in the country. I jokingly said that they are going to need another room just to hold all of your thoughtful packages. I hope to receive one more update today. Until then keep your messages coming.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have received the following update from my uncle. Randy's fever has broken. They tested his brave waves today and they are getting stronger Also they had some concerns with the way his heart was beating yesterday but his heart his doing much better today. Please feel free to tell people about this site and provide the link. I am having problems getting the emails out to everyone so your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Monday, January 09, 2006

the family

The family is holding up fairly well considering all they have been through. Everyone is being very nice to them at the hospital and in the surrounding areas. However it is a very exhausting time for them. Days are filled with meetings with dr's, press conferences and interviews with the media. On top of that they are trying to spend as much time as possible with Randy. They are receiving on a daily basis your cards. So please keep them coming.

email problems

If anyone has any questions for me please ask them on this site. In an attempt to let many people on the message boards know about this site AOL has stopped my account because of "unsolicited bulk mail". We are in the process of trying to get them to let me back on. Until then I will not be able to receive any emails. Thank you.

update 1/9 info I promised

Heres the information that I promised all of you. One person asked what Randall and Isebel's clothing sizes are. Randall wears a 4t and Isabel wears size 18mths in clothing.

cards or anything else you wish to send to the family can be done at this address:

Ruby Memorial Hospital
care of Coal Miner Randy McCloy
101 Stadium Dr.
Morgantown, WV 26506

(also you may want to put care of ICU)

I am waiting on a call from the governors office on the other site to donate directly to the families without going through the company.

Last night my dad was told that Randy smiled at his wife which is simply wonderful. Today when I talked to my uncle he seemed very frustrated with the constant media attention and says tomorrow it will be worse since the attention will be turned back to them. As you have heard from the Dr's at WVU he is now breathing on his own but it still hooked to the ventilator just in case. We should know more on how he will recover in the next few days. I hope I only have good news to report. Thank you again for coming back to check on how things are going in his recovery.

randy and little randy

If anyone finds a picture of the two children together or little randy up on his dads shoulders please send me the link...thanks

update 1/8

You may have noticed that there were not any press conferences today except for this morning. The family thought today should be about all of the other fallen miners. He is doing very well and I know atleast my aunt and uncle are very happy that he is closer to home. The children of Anna and my uncles children did not make the trip to PA. I am working on finding out several things for you. First by tomorrow I will have an address to send cards to the family. Also I hope to know more about the fund tomorrow as well. I will keep you posted. Continue to leave messages as they will be sent to the family.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Thank you for everyone who took the time out to visit this site. This site will be updated as much as possible for as long as the family wants me to. If you are new to my blogs I am the niece of Randy McCloys brother in law. That has been an area of confusion since the beginning. My aunt is Anna's sister. Ok now that that is cleared up. Let me give you background on how this was started. The night the miners were found I was staying up because I wanted to see the families reunited. That is when I stumbled upon the AOL message boards and began reading them. When I found out that Randy was the sole survivor I called my uncle who gave me an update on how he was doing. I decided to post that information and the response was amazing! I received responses at times so fast that I couldnt even read them as fast as I was getting them. I let the family know of the post and they began asking me to say things for them. This past weekend by parents gave the family a book of comments and emails from that board and they greatly appreciated it. This blogger site was created so that people can still get information long after the media stops reporting on it. I will be putting links on here about where to send money and cards for all the families as I receive it. I can assure you that anything I put on here will be information that comes from the family or straight from the dr's mouth. Thank you for your thoughts are prayers. Feel free to leave good thoughts here!